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A bit of this and a bit of that;

Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Solo & Duo shows, and later in the year, Neil Young!

For when and where, see Live page


 Due to the very strange circumstances we find ourselves in, Nirvana Unplugged in Potsdam 4.4.  in Lindenpark has been postponed …                                                                                                                     new date 18.9.2020

Open rehearsal was in Kulturcafe M 23.2. 15.00 Dohna. An open rehearsal, it was very cool and exciting.

VVK in Potsdam is a very good idea. Last year we had to send  fans home because the show was sold out!

Dusk plays…

Hello eveyone. We’ve played Nirvana, Radiohead, Neil Young and REM

2014 “After the sold out ‘Dusk plays Nirvana’ show in Potsdam, we decided to play Radiohead. We rocked the house. The fans loved it, the band loved it. It was a huge success. Then we did Neil Young, same thing. And long before that we played REM in various towns.”

We do Nirvana in Potsdam nearly every year.

A. Dusk

I’m working with a few great people, doing remixes of some of my tunes. I’m pretty excited about it.

Available as downloads from Amazon.

‘I’ve Never’ – an amazing industrial/goth remix is done. Black clothing and dancing shoes!

‘Cliche Cowboy’ – The club mix is done. Keep on dancing!

‘Just Passin’ Through’ – is done.  Shake it some more!


Resistant – The heavy progressive band.

Recording is done. 5 mind boggling songs, over 33 minutes of music.

Sneak previews to come soon? CD maybe?

No CD,  just a great recording.